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Mariora has specialised in the sale of Australian opals worldwide since 1975. The Gold Coast showroom comprises some of the most stunning opals ever seen and you are now invited to view one of the most beautiful and prized opal collections in the world.


Over the past 45 years, Mariora’s owner, Mario Antolovich, has collected only the most rare pieces for the Mariora collection. This collection has stones unmatched in vibrance and beauty.  They are some of the rarest pieces on the market at present and some of them have only now become available to the public.


Mariora is proud to present fine opal jewellery of a world class standard. The impeccable skills and finish of the creations receive enthusiasm from purchasers both in Australia and overseas. Unique and practical styling, often enhanced by top quality diamonds, allows the Mariora collection to take its place at the highest international level.

The Opal


Only very few lucky people in the world will ever own a precious opal because the quantity of production is so small.  


Until the 19th century, opal was only available to powerful royal families of the world who controlled their own mines. Opal is featured in the crowns of most monarchs of Europe, Indian Maharajas, Ancient Emperors of Rome, Egypt, Persia and others.  Ancient Romans call it opalus, and Queen Victoria was an avid collector of opal and is reported as her favourite gemstone.  


Most civilisations consider the opal a lucky stone. Opal is even considered a talisman in some cultures.  The ancient Greeks believed it bestowed prophetic powers.


For valuing an opal, the brightness and colour are important.  A dull stone with many colours will be less valuable than a stone with a single vibrant colour. For a black opal, the colours with red or rainbow are the most valuable, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.  Broad or large patterns are more valuable than small patterns.


Mariora specialises in solid and natural Australian opals and does not sell doublets, triplets, synthetic or imitations.

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